Snake & Pig Comfort Goggle

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Snake & Pig Comfort Goggle

Most Comfortable Best Fitting Master Goggle

The first step in our design in order to make the Basilisk the most comfortable pair of goggles was to use the Air Cushion technology. This technology was developed and patented by our partner, Engku Optics, in Taiwan.  The Basilisk will not leave a mark on your face even after hours of swimming. No more panda eyes! The comfort comes from the double-walled Air Cushion gasket. It distributes the tension from the strap evenly through a wider area.

The second step was to add an adjustable nose piece (also developed and patented by our partner) that was soft and easy to change, allowing it to perfectly fit different face sizes and shapes.  
Another important technology that we developed for the Basilisk is the fish tail rolling buckle.  You can pull the fish tail backwards to fasten the goggles and pull it forward to loosen them.  You will love it once you have tried it! We have applied the best anti-fog coating currently available on the inside of the lens and provide a free bottle of anti-fog solution with each pair of goggles.  With the bottle of anti-fog solution, your view will be clear for an year.
Finally, there was the packaging to think about. Which packaging could offer customers the possibility of taking the goggles easily in and out of the packaging so that they could try it on multiple times and make sure these were the perfect pair of goggles for them? How could this be done in an environmentally friendly way? The Pig designed a unique packaging for goggles made of cardboard with a clever design that allows taking the goggles out and putting them back in quickly and effortlessly.
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